April 2nd, 2021

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The Six Word Challenge

So how did everyone do?

The word list:


My effort:

“You could have used an old tablecloth,” Napoleon sputtered, squeezing shut his eyes.

“This was the oldest linen you had. Now, hold still. You don’t what to get this everywhere.” He carefully applied the spray to the necessary areas. “They estimate this will take about fifteen minutes if applied topically and not orally.

“How could you eat something lying around, especially if our suspect had weed on him that went missing just as a plate of brownies appeared?”

“I was hungry.”

“That’s my line.” Illya sighed. “The next time you decide to dye your hair, don’t use Easter Egg dye.”

So, how did you do?
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An Easter Egg for mfuoriginalfan

mfuoriginalfan asked for: Original Fan. Idea: "Suburbia Affair." Wish: something like pair looking for a weekend/holiday property/get away or location. Slash or Gen, okay.

Title: Ah, Brave New Worlds
Genre: slash
Rating: PG
Word Count: 478

mfuoriginalfan, I hope you enjoy your Easter Egg and will have a hopping good Easter. My thanks to sparky955 for her beta help.

There was never a good place to pass information, but to Illya Kuryakin’s way of thinking, a crowded sports bar seemed the worst spot possible for any serious communication.

“Are you sure about this, Napoleon?” Illya studied the crowd for any familiar face, be it friend or foe. The noise level seemed to swell in volume in response. “I feel as if here, we will be sharing every detail with the world. I’d much rather be sitting at the kitchen table.” He stared into his drink.

“Best place to hide is in plain view, as it were.” Napoleon lifted a hand to signal for another round. “You liked that little place, didn’t you?”Collapse )
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Oh, boy, oh, boy

The scaffolding is coming down!! They've already taken it down in the back and it's so nice to have an unobstructed view again. I will miss the parade of the guys' butts, though.

And *yay* yesterday we got a call from our former travel agent telling us that she has been put in charge of travel again. We had been with Nicole for over 25 years and were devastated to lose her(they transferred her to Collections). Now that the CDC has said that fully vaccinated people can travel again (According to the Washington Post), I guess, AAA decided she would be best served in her old position. We couldn't be happier.

Now, TBG is talking about change our November trip to see our friends in Florida to sooner. Or possibly take a trip to see family in the islands. I wouldn't mind at all.

No sign of any vertigo today so life is feeling pretty good at the moment...

Here's hoping the weekend is kind to everyone.
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Good with the bad

This afternoon I was watching some TV and suddenly TBG yelled “Get dressed. The gardeners are here!”

They were ripping out the plot next to ours. In a frantic attempt to save as much as we could, we dug, dragged and repotted as many plants as we could.

My poor front patio is packed with plants and the poor cats aren’t really sure what to do. I felt especially bad for Jack. He can barely see and he’s very confused. At least they stopped long enough so they could eat.

The bottlebrush tree is gone, but they left the lemon tree. Not sure about the birds of Paradise yet.

I will post some shots tomorrow.
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Just Wondering

Do you have any 'ghost' switches (switches that apparently don't turn anything on or off)?

How many umbrellas do you own?

If you were going to get stickers similar to these, what would your 'theme' be?