April 4th, 2021

Bast and Anubis

The Friday Five for 2 April 2021

These questions were written by Dreamwidth user Scarlettina.

1) Pick one of your favorite movies: what is the title?

2) When and where and with whom did you first see it?

3) What about the movie makes it one of your favorites?

4) If you've watched this movie since the pandemic quarantine started, how did it make you feel?

5) If this movie was remade, who would you cast for the five main characters and why?

1. The Mummy (1932) and The Mummy (1999)

2. It was on TV one afternoon.  It was back on the farm in Vermont.  It was raining, my dad was at work and
my mom was ironing.  The follow up was rented as a DVD in 2000 or so and I watched it with my husband.

3. I have been fascinated with Egyptology all my life.  It started with The Curse of Anubis on Jonny Quest when I was about six.

4.   I’ve watched both and the pandemic had no impact on it.  It made me long for Egypt, something I finally did something about, but that was more because of our retirement than the pandemic.

5.  Both have been and Tom Cruise does nothing for me.  I say leave it alone already!