April 10th, 2021


There’s gold in them thar hills

But this time of the year, it’s still mostly green in the mountains. We are going to take a drive up to the Foothills today. I need to pick up some Sobon port to take back East and I would like to add a few more bottles of Sobon Zin to my rack. Becuase of that, I won't be on line much, but I'll be back tomorrow.

The weather is going to be fabulous – they are forecasting 80 here in the Valley, which will mean about 74 in Sutter Creek. We are going to head up about 10:30 and take Barb with us. It’ll be her first ‘big trip’ out of the city since December of last year, when we went to the Foothills for Christmas shopping.

We’re planning on picking up the wine, doing some shopping, having lunch and then heading home. It’ll be a nice diversion.

Yesterday, the gardeners returned, without us knowing it and ‘thinned’ the birds of paradise… except they didn’t take out the ones that are causing the trouble and are dangerous. I guess I’m going to need to put an actual work order in for them as they are too big for us to safely handle. I will take a photo of the job they (and then TBG) did tidying them up. One step closer…
TBG also put a photosensitive cell in the porch light so it will come on at night. He plans to do the same for the other three tomorrow. I’m glad he’s finding things to keep himself out of trouble.

I hope that you, likewise, find things to keep you out of trouble today and still manage to have some fun doing it!

Rock on!
chef cat

Just for s and g's

sparky955 asked me yesterday how far back our weekly menus went. So, I decided to look. This is the oldest menu we have. it made me smile because we were going into paper tech with How I Learned to Drive in the Black Box and Pippin was on our main stage.