April 16th, 2021


Six words

The words:


My effort

Napoleon undid his belt buckle and groaned as he slumped back on the couch. “I ate so much, I feel like slipping into a coma.”

Illya rolled his head towards him. “You are now one of us. You belong to the Kuryakin clan. What better way to celebrate bringing in a successful crop than with a feast?”

“At least I ate the regulation amount of your mother’s borscht.”

“She keeps a tally on a sheet, you know.”

“I figured as much.” He smiled at the figure carrying a platter from the kitchen. “So, now what?”

“The best of all – dessert!”
minion Bananas!


The bird is gone. It took a chain saw, five gardeners and about an hour to get it and a couple others down. The branch that it was resting on has already gone up about a foot - take about a mighty weight to bear. I am so relieved that it's gone, no one was hurt and that TBG was with Chef and not able to 'help' them. The weekend is off to a great start!
Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering/The Friday Five

The Friday Five for April 19, 2021
Spring fever is any of a number of mood, physical, or behavioral changes, which may be experienced coinciding with the arrival of spring, particularly restlessness, laziness, and even amorousness. (Wikipedia)

1. Have you been hit with Spring Fever yet?
2. What is your best cure for it or do you have one?
3. Do you believe that Spring Fever is real or just made up?
4. What is something you do in the Spring that you wouldn’t do the rest of the year?
5. Do you have any Spring rituals?

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