May 7th, 2021


The six word Challenge

How did you do?

My effort:

There was something about a bubbling cauldron that made Grandmamma want to sing. “Now, Wednesday, the important part in any spell is to use the best of ingredients. This spell was passed down from my grandmother. It’s part of the oral Addams history.”

“Is it evil?”

“Well, nothing concrete, although output is guaranteed by input. Granny fed some to that empirical maniac, Ferdinand the VII, and he kicked us out of Spain. It was because of that we came to America.”

“Did the wormwort disagree with him?” Wednesday added a big pinch.

Grandmamma sighed, “No, sadly, it was the garlic.”

What about yours?
minion Bananas!

Wow, Friday already.

Read at your own risk!

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Today we are cooking up the other 15 pound bag of potatoes and the rest of the onions. Those will get us through next weekend and most of the one after that. It’ll make it easier for us when we get home. Tonight we are going out with Jeff for the first time since the Pandemic started, so we are all excited about that. I have been saving a special bottle of wine and we are dining in the same restaurant as we did last year for that last pre-insanity dinner.

And at some point, I need to pack…

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