June 11th, 2021

Minions BeeBo

The six word challenge

So how did everyone do this week? I thought the words were pretty easy. Heck, you could use them all in one sentence, but I preferred:

The words:


Gru grunted as he was sandwiched between Lucy and too many minions. “Kevin, a little cooperation. Move over.”

“Ka pudum't.” He said to Bob. “Tee pik.” Bob stared with teary eyes. “Yehtux pik”

“I’ll go.” Lucy struggled to find her seat belt strap.

“Dear, this test drive to see if this car is you.”

“Oh, it’s not.”

“How can you tell? You haven’t even started it yet.”

“Gru, it looks like a banana. Minion, yes, Lucy, no.”

“Awww,” came a disappointed chorus

“You said, no lemons. You said nothing about bananas.”

“All right, but I’m not parking it out front.”

Ka pudum't – I can’t
tee pik – Shift it
yehtux pik – forget it.

What about you?
Bast and Anubis

Well, so much for that dream...

We cancelled the Egypt cruise last night. It wasn't because we worried about the region, but they wanted payment in full (and it wasn't cheap) now for a cruise that wouldn't happen until November 2022. In short, they wanted our money a full 18 months in advance of the cruise. That ain't happening. However, when we said to cancel, they would only refund $800 of our deposit. I'm sorry, what? Okay, that's not cool and the guy TBG spoke with wouldn't elaborate. So, today it's finding all the documentations and seeing what I can wrangle before heading over to Cruise Critic. Not cool, Viking.

I knew it was too good to be true...
Thoughtful David McCallum

The Friday Five for 11 June 2021/ Just wondering

anais_pf posted to thefridayfive - These questions were written by dimity-blue on dreamwidth.

1) What is the best book you've read?

2) What is the worst book you've read?

3) What is a favorite book from childhood?

4) What is a favorite book from adulthood?

5) What is a book you've read a number of times?

1 For me, the best book is the one I just finished. In my case, it was We Have Always Lived in the Castle

2. Hmm, worst book… I don’t tend to finish the worst ones. I’m going to say probably some horrific vampire/were-animal thing by Laurell K. Hamilton. Talk about pandering.

3 Easy, my collection of Edgar Allan Poe

4 We Have Always Lived in the Castle (Shirley Jackson) I love this book so much and every time I see something new.

5. Either of the aforementioned books.
Romantic getaway

Hang on!

So, we called the cruise line rep directly and she changed the final payment to next year. That made all the difference and we are back on course with this.

I am still in a daze about it all. If Sparky hadn’t sent me that thread from Cruise Critic, we never would have followed up. Thank you so much, Woobie!