June 14th, 2021


The six word challenge.

Six words – what can you make of them? You have up to 100 words and a week to figure that out. It can take the shape of a poem, prose, drabble, or even just a sentence - anything you want. Be silly, creative, but most importantly, have some fun! On Friday, we can post the results and see how we all did!

The words:
sunny day

The week ahead

Our week ahead... just thought I'd share. Today is 88 with 94% humidity and tomorrow is 92 with about the same, then it gets warm...

Wednesday JUNE 16
High 104°F
Low 63°F
Humidity - 85%
Chance of precip - 1%

Thursday JUNE 17
High 109°F
Low 65°F
Humidity - 90%
Chance of precip - 0%

Friday JUNE 18
High 107°F
Low 63°F
Humidity - 85%
Chance of precip - 1%

Saturday JUNE 19
High 104°F
Low 60°F
Humidity - 72%
Chance of precip - 2%

Yay... summer... not...
minion Bananas!

We have a front railing!!!

After nearly four months, they just finally finished with the last bit of our renovation (not including the flowers out front, which are still on order). We now have a front privacy wall. As soon as we get stuff rearranged and settled, I'll take some photos. TBG wanted to wait until tomorrow morning when it's cooler. It'll have to be before a sparrow's fart, though.
Thoughtful David McCallum

Just wondering

I'm kicked out of the study thanks to a drying carpet, so no photos this time, my lovelies.

How often do you trim your fingernails?

When was the last time you shampooed your carpets?

How many bottles of hand lotion do you have lying around your house?