September 17th, 2021


The Six Word Challenge

So how did we all do??

The words:


Buffy stood before the lump of clay and looked from it to her model. The dynamics of sculpturing had thus far evaded her attempts and she decided she needed the variant of a live model to practice upon.
Buffy had spent the last hour working the clay. “You need to stand still now. I’m getting to the tricky part.”

“All my parts are tricky. Aren’t you finished yet? This is unbelievably dull.”

“I would be… Um, that’s not where the fig leaf goes.”

“Must be allergic, Slayer. It seems to be causing me to swell. See?”

“Oh my God, Spike!”
Thoughtful David McCallum

The Friday Five for September 17 2021/ Just wondering

But the days grow short
When you reach September
When the Autumn weather turns the leaves to flame

The September Song – Frank Sinatra

1. Are you looking forward to Autumn (or Spring, if you are in the other hemisphere)?

2. What is one thing that marks this season for you more than anything else?

3. If the months are indicative of your age, with January being your birth and December being the end of the line), what month are you in?

4. Do you welcome the cooler/warmer days or mourn their loss?

5. What is absolutely one thing you have to do in the Autumn/Spring?

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