October 11th, 2021


The six word challenge.

Six words – what can you make of them? You have up to 100 words and a week to figure that out. It can take the shape of a poem, prose, drabble, or even just a sentence - anything you want. Be silly, creative, but most importantly, have some fun!

On Friday, we can post the results and see how we all did!

The words:
Grr Argh

For Nakeisha - Her 13 Days of Halloween Fic

Title - Missing in Action
Genre: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2073
Prompt: You hear news of your next-door neighbor vanishing without a trace.

nakeisha, I hope you enjoy your bit of Halloween 'cheer' and my thanks to you and to sparky955 for all her help with this!

No one really liked the woman anyway. Belle loved to talk about her money, how she had more money than God. Even Buffy, a hunter of demons, knew better than to tempt fate doing that.

She would stand on her porch and shriek at anyone who might get too close to her emerald green lawn. It was her pride and joy, even though it was her poor husband who did all the work. Buffy half expected the old woman to start brandishing a whip or make him work in chains.

As opposed to his wife, Collin was a kind and patient man. He seemed to have accepted his lot in life and moved quietly through it. He would wave to Buffy as she headed off to school or came home.

“I love your lawn, Mr. Drake.” She made the mistake of saying that once when they’d just moved in. He’d brought them a cake and she was keen to return his kindness. Belle swooped down, shrieking at her: to mind her own business, it was her lawn, he was a waste of space, and to go away. Powerful words to shout at someone who killed vampires as her calling. Buffy made sure to steer a wide path around Belle after that and had her friends do the same.
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Guess what we did yesterday??

Yes, we went to the movies. It was probably the first time in over two years and it felt... normal. We got the tickets on line and selected our seats (when we did, we were the only ones in the theatre). We drove down, groused our way through the stupid pre-movie crud and the countless previews, only to have our movie start nearly 25 minutes from when it was supposed to officially start. This I hadn't missed.

Okay, the movie wasn't fabulous, but it was okay. It was very obviously aimed at preteen/teens, but it was still pretty funny - there were actually some great moments, like Lurch bursting into "I will Survive" at a bikers' bar. The animation was very good, all computer generated, but still lovely. It was a nice Addams fix, but if you are expecting anything more, you'd have walked away disappointed. Me? I laughed, I had movie popcorn for lunch, and I didn't have to wait on cats for nearly two hours. I'd say that was a win/win...