spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

Why am I not surprised?

Yesterday, they were forecasting the mother of all storms. There were warnings all over the place. then the storm slowed down. It was supposed to hit last night at eleven. We were coming home from Sacramento and there was nary a drop, although there was a sprinkle.

This morning, everything is bone dry - oh, maybe by eleven a.m... That's good. it will give us time to shop and get stuff put away, maybe even take stuff to the shed. We are ten minutes from leaving and guess what? Yeah, it's raining. Sigh...

Went to see Beautiful - the Carole King Story. It was a lot of fun and pretty light and airy. I'm fairly certain it wasn't that much fun when she was going through some of that crap, but it did have some great lines, "I'm miserable with you. I'm miserable without you. I figured I might as well be miserable with sex."

Before that, we went to Tapa the World and had a fabulous meal. Barb joined us and the Evans and we had a blast. It was a nice evening and the cats even let me sleep into quarter to six - that's huge in my world. However, I don't think it was good intentions on their part. I was just too tired.

I will wish everyone a fun and safe weekend. I hope whatever you do, it will be great!
Tags: food, friends, theater
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