spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

25 Days of Christmas Meme

7. My most memorable Christmas.

That would be the time we spent it in Hawaii. We stayed at the Royal Waikoloan Hotel on the Kona side. It was odd to have it so warm and wonderful at Christmas time. We were staying in the bungalows and became friends with the couple beside us. We even decorated our room a little and invited them over for drinks. We exchanged gifts with them, too. It was fun. Christmas Eve we were invited to some festivities in the lobby. There was caroling - old familiar carols sung in Hawaiian and Santa came in by outrigger. That night when we returned to our room, there was a Christmas stocking on our bed stuffed with mac nuts, cookies, candy and a card from the hotel staff. It was such a fun surprise.

The next day, we opened our gifts to each other and went for a lovely snorkel. It was the best Christmas ever. :D
Tags: 25 days meme, christmas
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