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25 Days of Christmas Meme

Day 11 - Favorite Holiday tradition.

This one is tough as we have so many: There's the weekend in the Foothills and cutting down our tree. There's making Christmas cookies, there's the annual paella party at Barb's. Yet I think my favorite is our Christmas Eve tradition. We started it when TBG's parents were still alive. Mom was very particular about her food and one place she loved was Dave Wong's. They came to celebrate Christmas with us for the first time and after an exhaustive look, we ended up at Dave Wong's. The place was busy, but we got on their waiting list and found a spot in the bar by the fireplace. There we sat and had drinks and apps while we waited for an opening. Afterwards, stuffed to the gills on yummy Chinese food, we drove around and looked at the lights.

That was 1991 and we've been doing it ever since. If we are in Stockton, we head to Dave Wong's for Christmas Eve dinner and then we go out to look at lights. It's a nice calm way to spend the evening and it's our reward for having survived another year.
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