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First tarot reading for the New Year

Based upon a suggestion by siduri, I decided to do a tarot reading as opposed to actually making resolutions. The layout she suggested was a bit protracted, but I feel the results are a good road map to follow.

First you need to think about what changes you seek and write it down. I wrote - What resolutions will lead to accomplishing my goals of health and travel? That's pretty broad, so I figured it would give me some wiggle room.

I used my reliable and loved Halloween Tarot and pulled five cards and jotted down what I knew about them:

Knight of Imps(wands) - well intended but unreliable, charging forward

The Hanged Man - in limbo, a need for total change

Ace of Imps - A promised new beginning, energy, impulsiveness

Ten of Bats(Swords) - mental agony, despair, need to escape pain

King of Imps - confident, creative, honest and friendly

You were then supposed to really look at the cards and try to detect themes. I sort of glossed over this part.

Next you were to pull five more cards and these would give you instruction on how to accomplish your resolutions based upon the cards you first pulled.

I pulled:

Four of Pumpkin (pentacles) - urges me to slow down and focus upon seeds planted, thereby insuring stability and prosperity

Four of Bats: To break from my limbo, a need to retreat to escape from stress. Rest.

Ace of Bats: For a promised new beginning, I need a new idea and to face the conflict with courage.

Three of Pumpkin: With courage, hard work and strength, I can work through the mental agony and despair.

King of Ghosts (cups): Powerful and strong, but with a liberal generosity and love of the arts.

I sort of skimmed over a couple of the steps along the way, but all in all, I'm pleased with the reading. I'm hoping that it will give me the strength and determination to lose a bit of weight, reenergize and accomplish some goals. We will have to see.
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