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a letter meme

There's a meme making the rounds where someone gives you a letter and you have to list ten things starting with that letter and say why you chose them. plant_lady60 gave me the letter, "r".

Raven - this I trace back to my love for Poe. Ravens have always fascinated me ever since I first read The Raven

Rain - It heals the soul and brings life. I've never lived anywhere as an adult where we've gotten a lot of rain. I think you tend to appreciate and desire something that you don't have a steady diet for... well, not snow, but other stuff.

Relaxing - what's not love about it. :D

Russian - Aw, not just any Russian, but my Russian - Illya Kuryakin. I've been a fan for nearly five decades now and I still love him just as much.

Repair - this I put down to my Da. He loved to repair things and I would sit at his workbench for hours watching him. I love to fiddling with things now and hopefully they work when I'm done (but not always).

Reruns - It seems like these are the only good things I can find on TV anymore. Hell, I'm not alone, there are stations that only show reruns anymore. perhaps it's a way to recapture my youth, but I just like the feel, the messages and time these re-runs provide.

Ramen - mmmm, as in noodles. One of my favorite dishes.

Reading - yes, I'm sure this comes as a huge surprise to all of you.

Reef - You need reefs to see fish. Healthy reefs are valuable to everyone and they are dying at an alarming rate due to pollution. it scares me to think that one day the Great Barrier Reef might meet the fate of so many of Hawaii's reefs.

Research - I love, love, love to research things, the more obscure, the better. The internet has made it easier, but I loved it even when it meant hours in the library, chasing down this book or that. the thrill of finding exactly what you are looking for and having it be right on the money, it doesn't get better than that,
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