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What a fun weekend!

I'm using the tablet and the mouse doesn't want to perform for me, so everything is under a cut. Warning, it's love and, perhaps indicative of its surroundings at the moment, rambling. I haven't posted any shots here because the Wifi is slow. Those will come when I get home

I've been trying to keep up with comments here, but the weekend and the comfy bed are conspiring against me.

We arrived Thursday night and got check into the first of two rooms that we would have this weekend. It was Room 7 and it had its own private staircase just off the snug (a sitting room for guests). It was a cozy little attic room with a bathroom off the top landing of the stairs. It was another two steps up. (I have photos, but they have to wait for faster Wi-Fi service). One step down took you into the room with a sweet little window seat and sofa(converts to twin) and a king bed. There were lots of little niche and crannies to explore.

As before, the bed was super comfy and we rested for a little bit. It took us two and a half hours drive down with hardly any traffic. I drove the whole way, so I was weary, but not sleepy. TBG ended up with a nap while I quilted.

Dinner was in the main dining and we started with clam chowder (TBG) and a beet and watercress salad (me), followed by Chicken tandoori(TBG) and salmon (me). Both were very good. Dessert was trifle (TBG) and sticky toffee pudding for me. Slept like a freaking rock. I remembered about the step up and two steps up both ways, but TBG didn't, Thankfully he didn't fall or sprain anything, but I'm such it sounded like an explosion in the Snug and I'm certain not the first time.

Friday, we got up fairly early and first walked out to see the horses and then back to the room for a coat for TBG. Then we walked down to Muir Beach and watched the waves for a while. Back to the hotel where an English breakfast was waiting for us out in the enclosed garden.

TBG wanted to drive up to Point Reyes to see the lighthouse, so that's what we did. Took forever because of the twisty roads, but we had nothing pressing until 6:30 for dinner with the guys. We hiked to the point .04 out and another back, both ways uphill, I swear. I did not take the 414 steps back and forth to the lighthouse, but TBG did and he was exhausted when he got back up. Still it was gorgeous and the weather could not have been better. On the way back, we stopped for a razor as TBG had gotten his - he now has four of them. he is always forgetting his razor.

We arrived and checked into the room we would have for the next two nights. The was room 6 and is across the hall from the one we had last year. It was very cozy (and all one level). I like it very much - and again, a very comfy bed and the best shower!

We both took a bit of a nap and freshened up before heading downstairs to meet up with The Guys. We got a cozy table in the alcove and had a lovely meal. They had rib eye and chicken tandoori while we had beef Wellington(TBG) and I had fish and chips. We had the same desserts and added the bread pudding and shared them all around. It was a lovely evening.

The guys looked great and Jason is finally relaxing around me enough to feel comfortable enough to joke. They are still very much in the honeymoon stage, which after five years is pretty cool.

Saturday, I woke up even later and surprisingly not as sore as I thought I would be. We had breakfast and then headed into San Francisco. It was another gorgeous day and everyone was out enjoying it. Our first stop was Japan town and the hardware store. TBG bought another wall hanging and some plugs, I bought a shopping bag. It's insulated and I can use it for lunches. Then we went to the paper store. They carry lots of fun Studio Ghibli stuff, but I ended up buying cards and a Godzilla bank. Then it was to the bookstore where we found a new Ghibli movie and some puzzles.

Then TBG wanted to go the Fisherman's Wharf to Crazy Shirts and then to Ghirardelli for some hot chocolate , excuse me, double chocolate hot chocolate mix. Afterwards, we headed back, pausing at the Spy Store to check things out. We ate at Tarantino's, our favorite place there, I had some great fettuccini carbonara and he had a crab salad sandwich. We headed back to the hotel for a bit of a rest up.

I wasn't tired, not really, but went down like a drugged animal. Woke up an hour later and felt much refreshed. The front lawn was packed with people heaving a pub lunch. They even offer blankets for those who didn't bring their own.

The Boy and TBG had decided upon a Japanese restaurant for the evening and it was a fabulous choice. We drove over to their place to way from Jason to get home from work and visited. He took us on a cook's tour of their little garden. The place feels and looked much more lived it this year.

The Japanese restaurant was really good, we started with plum wine and sake, the apps were gyoza, miso eggplant, and beef wrapped burdock root. I had a bento box, TBG had ginger pork and the guys had Chicken katsu and pork katsu. For dessert, we tried Mama-san's cheesecake, which was much more like panne cotta than cheesecake. Everything was so yummy.

We got back at about 9:30 and were surprised at how quiet the pub was. It had been hopping Friday night. We tumbled into bed and I started reading a book than I sadly recognized reading before. It was the only one I'd bought, so I stuck with it. It didn't take too many pages before I was out like a light and slept in until nearly six.

Today, after breakfast, we will head back home and back to regular life, but this was a fun getaway. Just what we needed after being so sick for the holidays.
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