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My Friday Five for February 23, 2018

My Friday Five just a couple of days late

1. Did you like dinosaurs as a kid?

2. If you did, did you have a favorite?

3. If you didn't like them, what was your favorite animal as a child?

4. Do you like '50's monster movies?

5. Shades of Jurassic Park, do you think we should bring dinosaurs back if we could?

Guess I should answer them, too. :P

1. I adored dinosaurs to the point of wanting to be a paleontologist. They were the topic of every science fair exhibit, every report possible and a constant topic of conversation. Then I discovered Spock and my attention shifted.

2. Triceratops - hands down.

3. I was fond of horses, too. There aren't too many little girls who aren't.

4. You know it. All Hail Godzilla!

5. No. They went extinct for a reason and it's not our job or right to mess with that. As Jeff Goldblum said, "Just because you can, it doesn't mean you should."

Copy and paste to your own journal, then reply to this post with a link to your answers. If your journal is private or friends-only, you can post your full answers in the comments below.

If you'd like to suggest questions for a future Friday Five, then do so on DW or LJ. Old sets that were used have been deleted, so please feel free to suggest some more!

**Remember that we rely on you, our members, to help keep the community going. Also, please remember to play nice. We are all here to answer the questions and have fun each week. We repost the questions exactly as the original posters submitted them and request that all questions be checked for spelling and grammatical errors before they're submitted. Comments re: the spelling and grammatical nature of the questions are not necessary. Honestly, any hostile, rude, petty, or unnecessary comments need not be posted, either.**
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