spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

A meme that's going around.

A meme copied from ravena_kade who got it from seaivyHere’s what's goin’ around
you are given a number
you’re supposed to tell that many things about your self

Ravencade gave me 16

1. I’ve been in theatre since 1974.
2. I love to cruise, but am prone to sea sickness.
3. I’m rubbish with numbers.
4. I’ve won the most awards at one given time at a statewide journalism competition.
5. I was nearly shot by a Mossad agent.
6. I haven’t had in a car accident since 1979.
7. The sight of submerged objects makes me physically ill.
8. I’ve been with TBG since 1977.
9. I really hate snow.
10. I’ve eat piranha.
11. I’ve been to Devil’s Island
12. I adore B horror movies.
13. I’ve had several of my children’s plays performed professionally.
14. My favorite color is red.
15. I love jigsaw puzzles and word searches
16. I’d rather be cooking than doing much of anything else.

How about you? Anyone want to play?
Tags: fun meme
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