spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

Just wondering

There is a movie that Studio Ghibli did called, Only Yesterday

It tells the story of Taiko, 27 and she is bored with her life in Tokyo. She takes vacation and travels out to the countryside to visit her relatives and work on the farm. There her life seems to have meaning, if only her fifth grade self would leave her alone.

There are some interesting quotes from the movie, but this one puzzles me:

If today is bad, then tomorrow will be better. If tomorrow is bad, then try a little harder.

According to Taiko, it means that you have to keep trying, even when things are bad

Is that how you interpret this?

Have you ever had to deal with your 'fifth grade self' and the memories from grade school?

Have you ever wishes you could run away from what you are and reinvent yourself?
Tags: just wondering
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