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The Friday Five for May 11, 2018

anais_pf posted in thefridayfive

1. Do you mostly prepare your meals at home or do you eat out more?

2. Is there a time of day when you are more likely to buy food already prepared?

3. What is your average weekly grocery bill (for how many people)? What is your total restaurant/fast food bill for an average week?

4. What is your favorite meal to prepare at home?

5. What is your favorite meal to order in a restaurant?

1. We go out to eat usually once a week and usually on a Friday night. It's our date night.

2. Nope. We do all our cooking from scratch.

3. Usually about $100 for two. We buy a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and good cuts of meat. We buy very few processed foods. Garbage in, garbage out. As for out, it varies depending upon the restaurant and the dish ordered.

4. I couldn't say. We cook a variety of things and I enjoy most of the dishes I prepare, mostly because The Big Guy helps. It's a time for us to talk about the day and spend time together. There's something very satisfying about cooking.

5. Again, hard to say. I have never been one to go to a restaurant and order the same thing every single time. I like variety.
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