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The Friday Five

anais_pf posting in thefridayfive

1) Where did you go, and what did you do, on your last vacation trip?

2) How often do you take trips for pleasure?

3) How much vacation time do you take each year?

4) Are you satisfied/happy with the amount of time off you can take?

5) What would be your ideal or dream vacation if money and time were no object?

1. Our last vacation was to Hawaii (Oahu), then onto Fiji for a week long cruise, then back to Hawaii (Big Island). We visited museums, ate lots of great food, swam a lot, lazed in the sun, and generally just had a fabulous time.

2. At least once a year.

3. I get ten days, but can take up to four additional weeks (unpaid).

4. Of course not. I'd love to have more, but it is what it is.

5. I've already been on my dream vacation. It is always the last one I was on and nothing could ever top it, except the next one. For me, it's not the destination but the people I'm with that make it a glorious experience.
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