spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

A New Foothils Tales

Title: Two for the Price of One
Genre: Slash
Rating: PG
Word count: 3004

Based upon a suggestion by sidhe_uaine42 with a bit of tweaking. Link takes you to AO3

“Not again!” Rocky interrupted. “What are you missing, Mr. S?”

“The morning paper.”

“Um… I might have accidently maliciously used it for cleaning windows this morning,” Illya said. “Something important?”

Napoleon sighed and smiled. “Not anymore. I’ll call Joe back in the morning.” He turned to leave. “Hey, were you able to fix my tie tack?”

“Tie tack?” Illya looked confused now.

“The one Rocky gave me. I put it on your desk and it’s not there now. I figured you’d fixed it.”

“You figured wrong. The only thing I fixed tonight was an over-seasoned piece of veal and a brown sauce.”

“Oh… “

“That wasn’t my fault,” Henry muttered.

“No, Henry, it was mine. I should know by now that I can trust all of you to do your jobs.” Illya stretched and rubbed his neck. “And just think in approximately twelve hours, we get to do it all again.”
Tags: foothills, slash fic
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