spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

writing fun

aconitumn posted this link on a MFU LJ Community and I thought it was too much fun to let it pass. So I checked it out.

It will generate eight random words. My challenge was to use them all in a single sentence...

My words were: begs, necklace, coffee, large, attack, fluttering, garlic, berate

The question that begs asking is, ‘Who would give a vampire a necklace of garlic when in fact all he really wants is a large cup of coffee to attack the night and would you berate him for his fluttering fancy?”

Okay, it's probably not the best sentence I've ever written, but it was fun.

You should give it a shot. If nothing else, it's great for shaking the Muses up a bit.
Tags: writing
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