spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

A new Foothills tale, just in time for the holidays

Title: Soldiers
Genre: NCIS/ Man From UNCLE (Foothill series)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3537
Prompt: Looking for a place to shelter from a Sierra storm, Tony, Senior, and Tali find a strange harbor with a familiar face.
Dedicated to: bonniejean1953 and maria_priest

I hope you both enjoy your Christmas Eve gift. It was a pleasure to write it for both of you. As always, my thanks to sparky955 for her beta. Link will take you to AO3

He shook his head to cast the image of the woman from his mind and tried to concentrate upon the sheet in his hands.

“It’s okay to think about her, son.”

“Okay, Dad, that’s just creepy. How did you know I was thinking of Ziva?”

“A father never reveals his secrets.” Then his mouth softened. “You do that head shaking thing and since you only do that with Ziva or Gibbs, and since you were looking at Tali, it wasn’t hard to guess which one.”

“I just wish… I mean, I hope I’m doing a good job. I want her to be proud of me… me, as a father. I never got much of a chance as anything else.” He sighed. “I could never think of anything that would make me leave NCIS before she came along, but I guess we all have our Achilles heel.”

“And such a pretty one to boot. Have you figured out where we are yet?”

“What? Oh, yeah.” DiNozzo traced the road with his finger. “It looks like we are just about to come up to--”


“Okay, that’s more than creepy, Dad.”

Senior pointed. “Road sign. Jackson is about five miles away. Stop there for the night?”

“Sounds as good as any place up here, unless you want to push for such places as Volcano or Dry Town.”

“Dry Town? Perish the thought! Jackson, it is!” He glanced out of the window and made a face. “I’m just hoping we can beat the storm. I’m not so sure now going the back way was a good idea.”

“You saw what the traffic was like on 80. We’d have been there until New Year’s.”

“And we may well be here until then. Let’s hope there’s room at the inn.”
Tags: christmas, foothills, man from uncle, ncis fic
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