spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

Food, Glorious Food!

Tags: food, pelican inn, photos
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OMG...now I'm hungry!
Me, too!
Fancy candlestick!

I like the sound of the chicken curry :)
I love those candlesticks. If I had a place for them, I'd try and buy a pair.

The curry was pretty tasty - it's always reliable.
Good thing I'm just back from lunch ... *lol*
:D The food is always great at the Inn.
Ok, I must know what's in a screaming orgasm?
Egg, shrimp, avocado, tempura shrimp. It is a roll within a roll.
Lovely looking food, and I love the candlesticks!
Yeah, I'd love to nip a pair, but they are really too big for that.
Omg that looks great--I need brunch now
It was pretty darn tasty!
Mmmmm that all looks so delish!
Honestly, that's only about half of it. :D I took pity.
Oh man... all of that food looks so good!! I could go a toffee pudding right now..
The toffee pudding was so freaking good.
Y'all always eat such good looking food.
Thanks! We are both foodies, so it helps.
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