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Riddle Me This

Title: Riddle Me This
Genre: Batman (Michael Keaton version)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 15,687

E. Nigma is out to score his biggest hit yet and all he has to do is find a treasure that's been hidden for a hundred years and steal it from a ghost. And The Batman is going to be right there lending the ghost a hand.

My thanks to sparky955 for her beta! Click on the title to go to AO3 for the rest.

The tour guide had led them into a curtain-draped, oddly-shaped room. Carefully-attended candles were the only illumination besides the flashlight that the guide carried.

"This is Miss Estelle's séance room. According to bookkeeping records, she had a full-time medium, a practicing witch, and a conjurer on her staff. Whether this was to contact the spirits of her dearly departed or to keep those spirits at bay is anyone's guess.

"If you look around the room, you will once again see numerous reference to 11, Miss Estelle's favorite number. There are 11 walls, with 11 panels, 11 curtains, the rug contains 11 squares and by leave of the 11 candle holders, we assume there was also 11 of those.

"Nearby townspeople reported that every night the tower bell would ring, once at midnight to summon the spirits, again at three to drive them away. The night of her death, the bell rang at midnight and never again. There are several documented cases that stated the bell fell four stories and crushed a servant. Ironically enough, it was at 1:11, the exact moment that Miss Estelle drew her last breath. The date was November 11, 1911.”

Bruce's attention wandered from the guide to the room. As accustomed as he was to small places, it was quickly becoming claustrophobic with all the people crowded into it. A curtain rustled and Bruce cocked an eyebrow. He couldn't detect any drafts or any movement of air from this side. He looked around, but the rest of the guests were stock still, fascinated as the guide spun stories about Miss Estelle's spiritual encounters.

Mice? Maybe, but doubtful. At least not in these areas. What then? He eased himself through the crowd and to the spot. Pushing aside the curtain, he stared into the darkness behind it. His night vision was better than average, yet he could make nothing out.
Tags: batman, horror
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