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A Mask for all Seasons

Title: A Mask for all Seasons
Genre: Batman
Rating: PG
Word Count: 9294

Black Mask is back and he's out for revenge on Bruce Wayne. And Batman may just well let him have his way with the playboy billionaire.

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I feel out of place here," the woman admitted as Bruce helped her out of the limousine. For his part, Wayne turned on the charm and beamed at the woman. Somehow, no one found his Zorro outfit terribly out of line for him and there was no denying that the woman walking beside him had a body worth fighting the El Calde for. It would also be the one night of the year the party goers wouldn't stare or scream at chemical-scarred face that hid behind the carefully-sculptured porcelain mask.

"Don't worry about it, Circe," he murmured as they walked up the path. "The Batman thinks it would be a good idea if you were here. If Roman is alive, this might keep him from injuring innocent people."

"Do you really think that would honestly stop him?" Circe asked, holding back, pushing against her escort, unwilling to enter the house. "You wouldn't feel that way if you could see behind my mask."

"Don't dismiss him so quickly. Roman loved you."

"The only emotion stronger than love is hate, Mr. Wayne." Circe pulled her cloak closer around her as they neared the blacken front door. "I'm afraid that's all Roman and I had left for each other. However, I have made peace with my anger; Roman never did."

"Are you ready to go in?" Bruce asked as he reached for the door knocker.

"Not yet," the redhead confessed and walked over to the railing, holding onto the rough, weathered wood as if it was her only real support in the world. "Do you know what that means, Mr. Wayne? To lose everything you treasured and have to start again with nothing but the leftover shards?"

"More than you realize, Circe." He came to stand beside her, offering his presence, but nothing more. To their right, people arrived, laughing, already intoxicated on both the excitement and the gaiety of the evening to come. "You may not believe this, Circe, but we are kindred souls."

"I do believe you,=. The cards always tell me true," she said simply and turned back to the house. "I am ready."

Tags: batman, gen
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