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A new meme for me Studio Ghibli - Day 1

Okay, I love Studio Ghibli's films, so this meme seems like a no brainer to me.

Day One - Female Character.

Easier said than done, I fear. So many powerful female characters and to pick one insults the others.

Rather than concentrate upon the more popular female characters, I prefer to pick Nahoko Satomi from The Wind Rises. the film tells the story of Jirô Horikoshi, the man who created the Japanese Zero plane. It sounds very dry and dull, to be honest, but when he meets Nahoko during an earthquake in Toyko, his world changes. When they meet again a few years later, it's love at first sight. Sadly, theirs was not to be a long union for Nahoko was dying from TB. It was her strength, courage and passion that helped Jirô envision and finally create the plane that would change the face of Japanese aviation forever.

The Trailer -

Tags: fun meme, studio ghibli
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