spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

Studio Ghilbi - Day two

The original meme is here

Day Two - Male Character

Again, lots of strong male figures in Ghibli, so I went with a supporting role - the father from My Neighbor Totoro He is patient and understanding. He is in a tough situation, trying to be both father and mother to his two daughters while the mother recovers from TB. He works all day and then comes home to cook dinner, clean, and do whatever else needs doing. And he still has time to enjoy his children and to be part of their world. What I particularly love is that he doesn't chide them when they tell him they have seen soot sprites or even when Mei meets Totoro. Instead, he supports and encourages their imagination, respect for the past and understanding of nature.

Tags: fun meme, studio ghibli
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