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Studio Ghibli - Day Three

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Day three - a couple

Umi Matsuzaki and Shun Kazama from From Up on Poppy Hill

They meet when Shun pulls a daredevil stunt to raise awareness to the plight of an old building on campus. Umi is annoyed but intrigued by his bravado and goes with her little sister (Sora) to The Latin Quarter (the building in danger of being demolished)to get his autograph. Shun has hurt his hand during the jump and Sora volunteers her sister to help. Romance blossoms and all is well until Umi shows Shun a photo of her deceased father and his friends and Shun realizes it's his father as well. When he confronts his adoptive father about it, it is confirmed that he and Umi are brother and sister. However, Ghibli demands a happy ending and they get theirs when a third part confirms that Umi's father had adopted Shun at birth and then given him to another family. Whew!

The 'zing' moment

Official trailer

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