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Studio Ghibli meme Day 5 & 6

My beginning post is here.

A Pet

Teto from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Honestly, probably the best friend a kite-riding girl could have. And, boy, could he hold on! Loyal, loving and brave, much like that of the girl who called him her friend.

A Spirit

Guess! Go on guess what my favorite spirit is... my icon should be a hint. If you need more...

Yup, like so many others, it's Totoro - the forest spirit from My Neighbor Totoro. The sheer popularity of this movie is what gave Studio Ghibli its spot in animation history. He is considering the most popular animation character in Japanese animation and, according to the article I was reading, instantly recognized by nearly 97% of Japan's population. Considering their history with animation, that's saying something.

For me, it's nice to think that there's a giant spirit, kind, helpful and playful, just over my shoulder reading to help out if need be.
Tags: fun meme, studio ghibli
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