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Studio Ghibli - Day 8

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Day 8 - The World

This was the hardest one for me so far. In most of the Ghibli films, the world has either been or is in a state of war. You have a choice of living in the over-built and crowded city or in the country, often ravaged by war. You are surrounded by death and childhood is over sometimes before it even has had a chance to start.

I would pick the countryside over the city, although I had long said I would never marry a farmer. Perhaps the most idyllic in the setting in Totoro, but living without a/c or a phone would be tough. In any event, the world is a scary place, so with that in mind, I will go with The Secret World of Arrietty. To be tiny and live under the floorboards of a house, scrounging and borrowing to live and yet, they had a lovely little home. It's just a shame it had to be ruined by a attention-seeking housekeeper.

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