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How is this even possible?

It was Thursday night just a minute ago and now suddenly it's Monday and April. March ran by so fast that I can barely remember anything that happened. Sigh...

The weekend was spent very busy - what a surprise, right?

Friday I had a two-hour long dental appointment. I have a new dentist and between his exam, x-rays and a good cleaning, it took up just about every minute. I like them well enough and they are convenient, so here's hoping that this will be a long relationship. I was with my last one for 26 years... he retired in December and sold his practice...sigh.

Then we had to take Jenny in for her check up and shot. The vet advised that she needed some dental work badly and we knew this, but when they came back with their estimate, we both vapor locked. No more trips for us this year. Since the new people have taken over the practice (our vet retired in December and sold his practice - didn't I just say that?), the prices have skyrocketed and after we get Jenny back tonight, we will be looking for another vet. I hate leaving, but it's time.

That night we went out with Barb to The Kitchen at Stonebriar and somehow, the atmosphere had changed. The food was fine, but it wasn't the same. Come to find out the other chef had left and they were starting with a new chef and new job assignments. No one looked happy.

We did our usual shopping and running around. I cleaned and tidied up the downstairs as Barb and Jeff are coming to dinner on Wednesday. We'd stopped at Home Depot earlier and I picked up a replacement pull for my drawer. Of course it was smaller than the one I'd had, so we had to drill new holes. Then I had to patch and stain the old drawer. I also gritted my teeth and collected and cut the pieces for my next two quilting projects. This pattern is especially fussy with things.

That night we went to Tio Pepe's with Jeff. It was a place he'd wanted to go to for a long time and never had. The food was great and we had a fun evening.

Sunday was supposed to be the quiet day, but it really wasn't. We did a mess of gardening out back, including cutting down our ornamental maple. It broke my heart to do it, but it was dead. I don't know how it went from gorgeous this past fall to total dead and dry as tinder this spring. We had more than enough rain. The tree that previous stood on that spot also died after a number of years. It was sad to say good-bye to it.

After lunch, we gritted our teeth and gathered Jenny up again to take her in. We are boarding her overnight instead of locking her in a bathroom at home. Hopefully he teeth cleaning will be a piece of cake and she will be back with us this evening.

For dinner, I made chicken and dumpling and an apple crumble for dessert. We started watching Whisper of the Heart to cheer TBG up. He's very depressed about finances as of late and he was seriously missing Jenny.

And now, just because, so random photos.

Have you ever seen an orchid do this?  This is on the blossom stalk.

My latest pillow square

Simba.  He likes to visit and hang out with our guys.
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