spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

Studio Ghibli meme

My original is here:

Day 11 - potential soulmate

Since I am happily already married to my soulmate, this is not a easily answered question.

For one thing, they are all so desperately young or even children in most cases, so no attraction there. Then many of the older adults are married or widowed with a family, not my chosen choice either.

Now, as a friend, I would love to get to know Mr. Nishi (Whisper of the Heart and voice by Elliot Gould) a bit better. He was kind and found it easy to talk to anyone. He was a gifted musician and artisan, plus he owned an antique shop. I'd love to hang out with him a bit more.

Tags: fun meme, studio ghibli
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