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Studio Ghibli meme

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Day 23 - An ending

Most of Ghibli's ending are uplifting and positive, the hero and heroine triumph and things are okay. The ending that always reduces me to a bubblering mess is Only Yesterday.

We watch a young woman as she travels to a farm for vacation to work. As a child, she always wanted to go to one and never had the chance. Her sister married into a farming family, so she now has a place to visit. This time she was going to pick safflowers and somehow ended up bringing along her fifth grade self. We watch as she meets and unwittingly begins to fall in love with a young farmer, Tochi.

The film didn't intrigue me and first and I got lost between the jumping back and forth as Taeko as an adult and as a child, but a second viewing helped it make more sense and now I seriously love this movie. It reminds me of the best parts of farm life, of knowing your neighbor and living in rhythm with the land. I think it always makes me a bit homesick for my fifth grade self, too.

In the end, she is torn between what she must do and what her heart longs to do. Luckily, this is Ghibli and she chooses wisely.

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