spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

Easter Eggs are Hatching all over! :D

Every year, mfuwss has an Easter Egg challenge. People put up prompts and the writers have 500 words to get those eggs just right.

This year, I picked three. Links will take you to AO3

Not a Peep of Trouble
- Gen For Lindafishes8, who wanted an Illya-centric story involving purple Peeps.

With a Song in My Heart Slash For Blondie_54 who would love something sappy - prompts; log fire, rain.

Basket of Joy
Slash For Budgieluv What would Napoleon put in an adult Easter Basket? Ideas for it might be a Playboy bunny tail, Cadbury eggs, alcoholic lollipops...
Tags: easter eggs, gen fic, slash fic
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