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The LIghtning Thief - the Percy Jackson Story

At least the pasta beforehand was good.

Okay, let me say beforehand that I was prepared to love this. I mean, it was Harry Potter set in the world of Greek gods. There was a Harry, brave, unaware of his heritage and strength, protected to by a loving mother. There was the smart and brave girl pal, the trusty sidekick and even their own quirky sort of Quiddich (Capture the Flag). All that was missing was Hedwig... well, if you count the helpful squirrels... It had to be fun and great, yeah?

The kids were wild about it and they made up about half of the audience. The shop couldn't keep up with the demand for merchandise and the soundtrack (pressed in vinyl!) flew off the shelf. Sadly, many of the adults I spoke with said the same thing I thought. It didn't connect with me. Not the way Harry did. In Percy's world, adults are frustrating idiots who never listen to him and cut him any slack. And while there were some not-so-nice folks in Harry's world, for the most part, they were okay. The show was only 90 minutes long and it really could have benefited from a bit more 'meat.' People argue that kids can't sit still that long... how long were the HP movies? They can if the material hold their focus. I mean, look at Cats. Nearly three hours and those kids did just fine.

That aside, the costumes were fun and the best part about it to me. I liked the imagination that went into the monsters. Can't say a lot for the set, but I have not had a soft spot for scaffolding and Roto-locks since our last go round with Jesus Christ Superstar.

There was a huge dependency up the robotic lighting and that always leaves me a bit wanting. And it was loud. Dear Mother of God, it was so freaking loud...

There will be folks here that will be quick to point out that the series is aimed at middle schoolers. That kids can't process subtle stuff the way we can, so it has to be bright and flashy and loud. Maybe if I'd read the books first I'd have loved it, but I don't think so. I may be jaded. I may be old and I may be lacking in technological wonder, but I'll take Harry any day.
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