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Ship ahoy!

Oh, boy, a day to finally catch up on my sleep. I slept a little over ten hours and woke up fairly painfree. :D The two of us had breakfast and went for a nice swim before going over to see Rose and Wendy. We had invited them to swim, but Rose said we exhausted her. Oh well... they have a pool, so it's not as much as of thrill as it is for us.

Anyhow, we picked up a couple of things for dinner and headed over to make lunch for them - a pasta mix that we frequently use from Trader Joe's. We add chicken sausage and roasted red pepper for our own twist.

Then we headed off to Winter Park for a boat tour around their lakes. It was an open boat and I am glad Wendy offered me a hat and sunscreen. After an hour in the sun, I felt like a limp noodle, but the homes on the lakes are fabulous. They will tell you who used to live there, such as Fred Rogers and Tom Hanks, but will not mention current residents.

We headed back and dropped them off. We headed back over for dinner prep and discovered that the plasterers had arrived (they just had all their windows replaced and needed holes patched). I didn't know it took 28 days for it to cure.

We made Curried Papaya Chicken with kabacha and broccoli. While it cooked, we watched Whisper of the Wind It came out great and Wendy made a great flan for dessert. It was a quiet evening of watching Ghibli and just talking with old friends. The perfect end to the day.

And photos...

For amethyst_witch.  Lookwho was peeking over the hedge at me

Wendy and Fred

Fred getting ready to take off.

Down a logging canal

One of the 'smaller' homes on the lake

Another home on the lake - I believe the president of Rollins college live there


Caprese apps.
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