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The Friday Five for May 31, 2019

This week’s Friday Five is brought to you by Pablo Picasso, who said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

1. Do you make any kind of art or craft? Please share.

2. Would you rather make art (paint, sing, play an instrument) or observe someone else’s art? Why?

3. If you could be really good at any creative endeavor, which would you choose to be really good at?

4. Do you prefer recorded performances or live performances? Why?

5. Did you get any kind of art education in school?

1. I paint, draw (although not as much as I used to), sew, build models, do origami... there's something a little artsy going on every day, I think. And not just at home. There's also work and there always seems that there's something to be created for the next show or event.

2. Both really. I love watching people create because you can learn so much from and about them as the art progresses. However creating something with your own hands is very empowering.

3. I like to think I'm good at a variety of things already:

A queen size bedspread and matching pillows, all hand stitched

A back drop for "Oklahoma" 24 x 36 feet in size.

David McCallum as henry Clavel from Frankenstein - The True Story

4. I work in the theatre. Live is the only way to go, if you ask me. There is something about a particular moment existing for just that moment that is both rewarding and bittersweet. Live theatre is much like life - once the moment has passed you can never reclaim it. What you see on recording are merely ghosts from the past.

5. I have a degree in art. I'd say there was a fair bit, yes....
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