spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

A New Foothills

Title: Suzy Run Around
Genre Man from UNCLE (slash)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 6112

Summary: A gold digger decides Napoleon is fair game. Problem is she hasn't met the wife yet.

My thanks to sparky955 and grey853 for their beta help and to duckys_lady for the prompt. Link takes you to AO3

“Some place called The National. Cost the earth. I hope one of us rolls this guy fast. My debt is building up.” Suzanne stared out at the rolling hills. “Looks it’s already turning yellow up here. Summer hasn’t even started yet and this place looks dead.”

“I have a feeling its dead here even when there’s enough rain.” Madeline stomped on the brake at a sharp turn and made a rude noise. “Look at this place. Three buildings and a motel.”

“Dry Town. Population 127.” Susanne read the green sign aloud. “Oh my god… what a dump! Can’t you go any faster?”

“Trust me, I want out of here as badly as you do.” Madeline stomped on the gas the minute she cleared the last turn. “Okay, it should be a straight shot to Jackson now.”

“We need to make an agreement,” Suzanne said, suddenly.

“What do you mean?”

“There has to be some reason why no one has caught this guy, so here’s the deal. If you snag him, we’ll split fifty-fifty.”

“What’s in it for me if you do?”

“Same deal. With as much money as this guy has, we can both live on Easy Street for the next couple of decades. By then, he’ll be dead and we will be as free as a bird. Deal?”

Madeline thought about it for three seconds, then nodded. “Deal. Either way, we win.”

“Napoleon Solo, here we come.”
Tags: foothills, mfu, slash fic
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