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A really early Friday Five

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The Friday Five for 14 June 2019: Vacation

1. What was your favorite childhood vacation?

2. What is your dream vacation?

3. If you could take a trip around the world, what locations would you be sure to include?

4. Do you prefer vacations to new destinations, to familiar destinations, or a mix?

5. What activities would you plan for a two week staycation?

1. Summer vacation for me was usually being crammed into the backseat of our Datsun and driving to Lansing Michigan for two weeks. My father didn't like stopping, so we would make the drive in a couple of days. It was pretty brutal and I didn't look forward to it. If we didn't do that, we went to Groton Pond camping. That was mildly better because at least there was the pond and I could take the boat out. None of them scored very high on my hit parade, though... I'd much rather have stayed home.

2. I've already taken it three times over and ready for number 4. Going to Tahiti and staying on Rangi for a few days, then cruising around the islands. I really love the South Pacific.

3. I'd like to visit Australia, New Zealand, certainly Tasmania, Italy, Spain, Japan, possibly Egypt, depending upon how things are and of course Tahiti.

4. A mix. I like the familiar, but I love exploring new areas. That's why I love cruising so much. The ship we tend to favor is familiar and it takes us to new places.

5. Probably doing some work around the house. I don't do staycations as a rule.
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