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So, so happy it's Friday.

Even though I have to work it and then go back tonight and work before the show. Once I close up the box office, I'm going to go in and watch the production.

Folks seem to really have enjoyed it. We got a good review and the phone was very busy yesterday. I suspect it will be even busier today.

If you like the music of Gershwin or old-fashioned Broadway musicals or romantic comedies that will give you some good belly laughs, then you’ll enjoy “Nice Work If You Can Get It” at Stockton Civic Theatre.

The plot is a simple one of intrigue, subterfuge, criminal activity, social class and love set during Prohibition and underscored by more than two dozen songs by George and Ira Gershwin. If this were “Family Feud,” it would be the socialites vs. the bootleggers or high society vs. lowbrow. Just think romantic musical comedy.

Directed by Jim Coleman, with the orchestra conducted by the seemingly ever-present Paul Kimball and choreographed by Evelyn Barney, the performances are strong, the music is lively, and the dancing crisp and on-mark.

Kyle Beal (Jimmy Winter) and Chelsea Carruesco (Billie Bendix) work well together in their lead roles in the show.

But as often with good shows, particularly SCT shows, it is the depth of the supporting characters in a cast this large, some 19 people, that really makes the show shine.

Some of the performers are SCT veteran actors, such as Melissa Esau, Mike Moon, Michael Stratford, Kariss Kiriu, James K. Kusy and Cynthia Dario-Good, for example. All have been, or are good enough, to have been a lead role in other SCT productions or have shined at other theaters. But here, they provide strong supporting performances.

Without giving away too many details, each manages to take their moment to add to the fun without stealing from the show. For example, Dario-Good, whose voice alone is worth listening to, provides both moments of awe and laughter as Estonia Dulworth, the Duchess of Woodford.

The show lasts two hours and 35 minutes, which includes a 20-minute intermission and also includes more than a fair share of big laughs and big fun.

Judging from the smiles on audience members’ faces during and after Wednesday’s preview show and their comments afterward, “Nice Work If You Can Get It” at Stockton Civic Theatre is well worth your time.

To say that I am looking forward to Saturday would be an understatement. Between running the box office, my own job, getting stuff together for the Speakeasy, and trying to get ready for camping, I'm wiped out. It will be good to have Araceli back, although she has quite the mess to deal with, between bills, imputing season tickets, doing the box office reports and payroll... Yeah, not the mess I would want to come back to.

At least the weather has scaled back a bit. We were only 95 yesterday and will be 97 today. Then, sadly, it's back to triple digits. Can't wait to see what summer will be like...

Stay safe out there!
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