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The three things meme

amethyst_witch gave me these. Let see what I can do with them...

1. Dead languages - I am assuming this means before I slaughter them by trying to talk in them. Greek, the old stuff as opposed to what I heard when we were there this past fall, Latin, Egyptian (again the old variety, but I'm not sure if that includes heirgylphs or not) and some other African ones. I can't speak any of these, but I would happily add French to that list at times. Merde.

2. Soap operas - when I was first working as a mortel maid, they had us put on TVs so it didn't sound like we were alone in the rooms (this was during a time when maids were being targetting). I became quite embroiled in the daily lives of these poor fools who seemed at the prey of their hearts, theives and just all about bad luck. When I started working in the book store, I stoppped watching. I do know that soap operas started out as radio shows, often sponsored by dish and laundry soap manufacturers. Hence the name. Now it tends to apply to anyone who seems to go through exaggerated circumstances, not always of their own choosing.

3. African cuisine - This is one of the few countries whose cuisine I don't tend to dally in. I have made some Egytian and Morrocan dishes, mostly sea food and cousous. Many are vegetarians and deal with whatever fresh vegetables, fruits and grains are available. That's about it
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