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The Friday Five for June 21, 2019

Are you ready for the summer?
Are you ready for the hot nights?
and a whole lot of fooling around
Meatballs 1979

1. How do you beat the summer heat?
2. Do you have air conditioning?
3. What’s your idea of the perfect summer day?
4. What’s one thing you always seem to do every summer whether you want to or not?
5. Are you ready for the summer?

1. After nearly thirty years in the Central Valley, I've gotten good at dealing with the heat, mostly by avoiding it entirely and staying inside. I walk in the morning instead of at lunch and often at lunch I will swim (once the pool gets warm enough). It does mean smelling like chorine all afternoon, though. Drinking lots of water and wearing lightweight cottons helps, too.

2. Couldn't survive here without it. They actually hand out free a/c units to anyone who can't afford them here. Yes, it's that hot. We have ours set at 81 and once the temperatures at night drop off enough (it routinely drops to the 50's during the night here), we open up the windows for some cool air.

3. Not working. Okay, so lazing about in the shade and reading something is fun. Or being by water... and a nice frosty glass of something to drink is also lovely... now ask me how many of these days I actually get per summer...

4. Going up to the bunkhouse. The older I get, the less it interests me and the isolation is starting to bother me. I can't hike anymore, my back doesn't like me hunting strawberries or even picking wildflowers (plus there's always the tripping concern), and there's nothing else to do up there unless you want to drive for 45 minutes. No electricity or cell service, so no electronic devices after the batteries run out, which is usually the second day. At least it's quiet and there are no cats (or anything else) around for miles and no one can contact me from work.

5. As ready as I'm going to be. The garden is planted, everything is ready for the bunkhouse trip, the pool is open and inviting, yup, I'm ready...
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