spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

Oh, boy... yay, Monday

The worst part about a really great party is the inevitable let down afterwards. Yesterday I was too tired really care, but today I'm a little bummed. It will be the first time since April that I haven't had to think about the Speakeasy. Of course, on Sunday is our last wine wall, at least with us doing it. Unless someone speaks up, we have eight cases of wine to unload that day. Could be interesting!

Tonight we have Whisper of the Heart to look forward to. TBG says that he thinks this one has eased Howl's Moving Castle out of first place for him. I still prefer Upon Poppy Hill to this one, but it's a close second.

However, even in Japanese, Country Roads makes me a little homesick... or perhaps it's simply my mood today.

Whatever the day takes you, I hope it brings you back home tonight.
Tags: real life, sct, studio ghibli
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