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Happy Birthday, America!

We had a great trip up to the Foothills. I was surprised that there was as little traffic as there was. Even more surprising was getting home at noon and seeing TBG all ready to go. He hadn't even packed when he left in the morning. He'd gotten home early to surprise me. We are on the road by 12:10. :D

We stopped at Dad's Hotdogs for some lunch and then headed up to Sutter Creek. There was some traffic, but nothing bad and we got to the Day's Inn by 1:30. Surprise of all surprises, our room was ready! That was nice. We got settled in and I called Rombauer to make an appointment for a wine tasting at their new tasting room. Both Chef and Irenen are huge Rombauer fans and I know that was one of the reasons why they wanted to come up. We got an appointment for 1 on Friday and called to let John know. He was veryt hankful that I'd thought to do that for them.

We lazed around the room until about five and then we called Stanely's for reservations, only to find out that they are closed the 3rd and 4th for the holiday. We ended up at the Sutter Inn. It wasn't exactly where I wanted to go, but it was that or the pub and we could hear the noise level from across the street.

We had a really nice dinner. I was thrill that they carry Sobon and enjoyed a glass (or two) of their Old Vine Zin (my favorite). TBG had a Tom Collins after they figured out how to make one... sigh... We started with crab cakes (okay) and I followed with with a Red, White and Blue salad(lettuce, blue cheese, strawberries and crispy proscuitto. There must have been a cup of blue cheese on that salad. TBG had some curry soup (very yummy) and helped my with my salad. For an entree, I had salmon with a dill sauce and TBG had asteak (he always has steak).

Afterwards, we went next door to the Emporiam and I had a cone with Rocky Road and he had a hot fudge sundae. We waddled back to our car and TBG decided we needed to go to Daffodil Hill. It's only open in the spring, of course, but it took us through some gorgeous country side. We saw wild turkeys and lots of raptors.

It was still too early for fireworks, so we headed back to the room and watched Uncle Alex (Jeopardy) and TBG got into some movie. I read and ended up falling asleep while he battled the WiFi. All in all, a lvoely evening.

And as promised, some photos

The Sutter Inn Restaurant

Crab cakes

My salad

my specialty - upside down salmon!

The Emporium

A tiny set of charis for kids

a mammoth hot fudge sundae

Candy cigarettes... I didn't know they still made these...
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