spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

A New Mouth of Babes Story

Title: Just Another Day
Genre: Man from UNCLE - Mouth of Babes series
Rating: PG
Work Count: 4600

My thanks to Sparky for her beta. Link takes you to AO3

“Who am I, Illya?”

Illya smiled coyly. “Napoleon Solo, all around good guy.”


“My partner.”


Illya sighed. “The love of my life, the wind at my back—“

“And?” Napoleon tapped his left shoulder.

“Head of UNCLE HQ – North America.”

“And, most importantly, your boss.” Napoleon stuck his chin out defiantly.

“In your dreams,” Illya murmured with another smile.

“There, as well. I just made a few phone calls. You have the day off.”

“What? I can’t. I have stuff to do and deadlines--“

“I let them die. And, what’s more, I gave me the day off, too. What’s the use of being the boss if you can’t take advantage of the situation.” He took a deep breath and nodded. “It’ll do Martin good to have a day to spread his wings. He knows when and if to call me. Likewise, it’ll give your second-in-command a chance to see just how exciting it is at the top of the food chain.”
Tags: mfu, mouth of babes
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