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And there's a week gone by

Well, let's try this again. I made the mistake of hitting the visual editor button and lost my entire post. How lovely!

We are struggling with server issues at work. It's gone down twice on its own this week. That's not cool. Dennis has decided the time has finally come to replace it, but now he wants to move everything to the cloud. I think it's dicey, not having access to our information in house, but what I think means very little to anyone these days. they have a rep coming in from Best Buy to discuss a new server... because we have had such tremendous success with the computers that we bought from them last year. (not). TBG will advise, but they seem to care little for what he has to say either. I mean, just because he handles computers and in house security for AT&T, what would he know about either?

I've been working updating the master mailing list and Dennis came up with a new project. He wants to have all the crew/cast lists from every show we've done typed up and posted on our web page. Considering we opened in 1951 and have never shut our doors, it's a lengthy list. At least it's something to do.

SCT Jr. opened this week and the numbers aren't what people were hoping for. Out of 1,800 seats, we've sold 700 (as of yesterday). Happily they make most of their money with donations and tuition or they would be in trouble. I had hoped this one would sell better, but people are no more keen to see 3rd graders pretending to be Elvis than they were ogres (Shrek), roller skating disco dancers (Xanadu) or instructors of grammar (School House Rock). Sigh...

Yesterday, my day off, was a pretty productive day and, yet, not too awful, either. I spent the early morning cleaning the bathrooms and washing floors. We have to wait until after 8 a.m. before we can vacuum. After vacuuming, there was time to play on the computer a bit and watch a little TV before TBG got home. We had lunch and took a nap. I didn’t think I was tired, but I went down like a rock for an hour. Afterwards, we dug out the carpet cleaner and gave the living room and dining room a good cleaning. Happily, we found no cat urine issues. I think we have finally, after a year, gotten a handle on that.

I was supposed to make dinner, but TBG decided we should go out and he wanted sushi, so we went over to Masa and then stopped at the ice cream place for dessert. Got home and watched a little TV. By then, a very cool breeze had come up and we opened the upstairs and let the house cool down. I wish we could share it with all of you having heat issues at the moment.

Today we need to do is tackle the usual shopping and whatnot before the dinner party tonight. The theme is Japanese. We have a couple extra stops (Angkor and Sakura), but hopefully we won’t run into any issues. The dinner should be easy enough. We’re starting with shrimp and ahi as apps, then there will be a cucumber salad with crab, the entrée is negimaki - green onions rolled up in beef (which is grilled), kobacha squash and stir fried Japanese veggies. TBG has something special planned for dessert. With the exception of the beef, I’ve done everything before. Shouldn’t be a bad evening at all.

Jeff has invited us over to swim tomorrow and I'm bringing dinner - pea soup with ham hocks and focaccia. It should be the perfect end to the weekend.

And now some photos...

Pye giving Titan a bath.

Bete Nor too tired to care

Jenny is always on the wrong side of any door

an old one of Patachou just so that he's not left out

This week I started my acupuncture treatment. It's doing very well and I am pleased with the progress. They are concentrating on my knee and my left forefinger.

The acupuncture to my finger.  The red glow is from the heat lamp.
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