spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

A trip down Memory Lane

Last night I was feeling in a Halloween-y mood and dug out a couple of old DVDs to watch.

One was the Legend of Sleep Hollow that Disney did many eons ago, narrated by Bing Cosby, but as a intro I pulled out The Curse of Anbuis from Jonny Quest. Man, just the theme song takes me back to a time when I was six. This episode premiered on October 2, 1964 and it scared the poop out of me, but I also attribute it to my great love for all this Egyptian.

Just the theme song still thrills me and, yeah, for years I had a 'thing' for Race Bannon

I always found the reboots after the original lacking in quality and style.
Tags: halloween fun, jonny quest
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