spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

Okay, this has been floating around forever...

Blame it on milhent

How old are you: 61
Surgeries: 3, two back and one on my ear
Tattoos: 0.
Ever hit a deer: I never have, but I've ridden in a car that has. It was awful.
Rode in an ambulance: once when I thought my back had gone south
Ice skated: Not really
Rode a motorcycle: no.
Stayed in hospital: Yup for above mentioned surgeries.*-
Skipped school: well, I was sort of sick, kinda, in a way...
Last Phone call: sparky955
Last text: Work
Watched someone actually die: no
Coke or Pepsi: Even with those choices, I'd go without.
Favorite Pie: Blueberry
Favorite Season: fall
Broken Bones: yup
Received a ticket: yup
Favorite color: red
Sunrise or sunset: sunset.
Ocean or mountain: ocean.
Furthest placed traveled: toss up, going north, it's Athens. Going south, it's Xian, China.
Tags: fun meme
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