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The Friday Five for 20 January 2020: Words

anais_pf in The Friday Five asked:

1. How much slang do you use?

2. What are your favorite words?

3. How much do you curse?

4. What makes a great conversation?

5. How often do you have "deep discussions?"

1. Depends upon the situation. I will use theatre slang at work because that's what everyone talks. I use fannish slang when I'm talking to my guy or like minded friends. There's cooking slang and travel slang, so yeah I use it.

2. Favorite words? I'm not sure if this is in general or favorite slang words. I'm guessing probably the first. Trying to pick a favorite word is like trying to pick your favorite kid. And favorite doesn't always equate to frequency. It's better to use a word correctly than a lot simply because you like it. I am fond of discombobulate.

3. Too much, I'm afraid.

4. Depends upon the people and the situation really. The great conversation I might have at work would bore somewhere else.

5. Not as often as when I was younger and having deep discussions seemed very important.
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